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AMD introduces 2nd generation Ryzen!

AMD is back with its industry-disrupting Ryzen processors again – generation 2! It has been a great processor family, not only for AMD but for the industry and end consumers. Its given incredible value, compared to team blue. Intel is right now feeling threatened and forced to innovate and rationalize prices. All this is great for end consumers! Intel’s consumer chips right now are only relevant when it comes to gaming and probably in Hackintosh’s and Macs. For all other productivity and multi-threaded tasks, AMD has literally blown Intel out of the water.

Watch AMD’s Jim Anderson talk about AMD’s strategy behind Ryzen 2nd generation.

We love AMD right now and that reflects in our design PCs and more.

What makes Ryzen special for content creators?

1. Powerful and affordable multi-threaded performance – You can game and stream at the same time, with not much to worry about in terms of lag and processor power. With 6 to 8 cores on Ryzen 5 and 7 respectively, its perfect for multi-tasking.

2. Open backward compatible platform – Any Ryzen processor works on any Ryzen motherboard across both generations! This is so different from Intel which expects you to cough up extra money for new chipsets every couple of years. Shame.

3. All processors are overclockable – Again, you can use pretty much any motherboard to overclock any of the processors! Starkly different from Intel.

4. High speed memory really matters – You can see significant improvements in performance with high speed memory because of the ‘infinity fabric’.

There are so many other reasons to just love Ryzen – but the simple reason you should get it is, you are not always going to be just a gamer. You will at some point want to stream or create content.

AMD makes this eminently possible.

If you want us to build you a Ryzen based PC, do reach out to us below.

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