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Enabling creators with high-performance Design PCs

I remember watching this video of Steve Jobs talking about Apple’s strategy of targeting creators with powerful, cutting edge computers. This was a few decades ago and evidently Apple did find a lot of success with this market segment, making a name for itself among the best designers. However, over time, not just Apple, but pretty much all the big brands have lost the connection with this discerning group of consumers.

Apple doesn’t give you the best hardware now, and when it does, it expects you to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for it. Hardly a problem for some of design studios, who can justify the exorbitant cost and need an Apple machine for certain tools which only run on Mac OS. However, for many agencies for whom spending a lot of money should come with concomitant performance, Apple is losing appeal slowly. What else then?

There are other brands who offer ‘High-end workstations’, which surprisingly enough are not in sync with the times or what designers really need. They are black boxes, with fixed configurations which are generic in purpose. Every workstation needs to be different because every workstation user is different. Video editors, 3D artists, and graphic designers need powerful PCs which can liberate them from long rendering times and free up time to create.

That’s why EasyPC believes in building a custom PC for discerning designers. We have built moderately powerful to high end design PCs for education start, design studios to design schools. They all had different needs which we understood before setting out to propose a solution, because only then can we hope to solve the customer’s problem.

Here are some pictures we built for Srishti college of design last week which are going to be used in some cutting edge work in Innovative product design. These PCs are absolute beasts with the following components whirring silently under those colorful LEDs.

PC Components we used

  • Processor : Intel i7 7820X
  • CPU cooler : Corsair H115i
  • Motherboard: MSI X299 SLI Plus
  • RAM : 8×4 GB 3200 MHz
  • Graphics card: Zotac 1080Ti Amp Extreme 11 GB
  • Hard disk : 4 TB Seagate HDD
  • SSD: 1 TB Samsung Evo 860
  • Case: MasterBox 5T
  • Power Supply: Cooler Master V850

We loved the two PCs sitting next to each other like siblings ūüôā
The two PCs in Cooler Master cases – Masterbox 5T, the bigger one and MB500, the smaller case with LEDs.
Intel i7 7820x – 8 core , 16 thread processor. These are the pins which face downwards on the motherboard.
The processor – This is where the CPU cooler makes contact with the metal to draw away intense heat generated.
This is the RAM or random access memory, which enables the processor to store data which it can use really fast. This is super important and needs to be fast, hence we’ve used 3200 MHz RAM.

And finally we also have a video of the PC with some funky lighting below. While the lights don’t do anything technical, this enables personalization of your PC. Say you like blue lighting in your room, you can actually mess around with the settings to get exactly what you need.

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AMD introduces 2nd generation Ryzen!

AMD is back with its industry-disrupting Ryzen processors again – generation 2! It has been a great processor family, not only for AMD but for the industry and end consumers. Its given incredible value, compared to team blue. Intel is right now feeling threatened and forced to innovate and rationalize prices. All this is great for end consumers! Intel’s consumer chips right now are only relevant when it comes to gaming and probably in Hackintosh’s and Macs. For all other productivity and multi-threaded tasks, AMD has literally blown Intel out of the water.

Watch AMD’s Jim Anderson talk about AMD’s strategy behind Ryzen 2nd generation.

We love AMD right now and that reflects in our design PCs and more.

What makes Ryzen special for content creators?

1. Powerful and affordable multi-threaded performance – You can game and stream at the same time, with not much to worry about in terms of lag and processor power. With 6 to 8 cores on Ryzen 5 and 7 respectively, its perfect for multi-tasking.

2. Open backward compatible platform – Any Ryzen processor works on any Ryzen motherboard across both generations! This is so different from Intel which expects you to cough up extra money for new chipsets every couple of years. Shame.

3. All processors are overclockable – Again, you can use pretty much any motherboard to overclock any of the processors! Starkly different from Intel.

4. High speed memory really matters – You can see significant improvements in performance with high speed memory because of the ‘infinity fabric’.

There are so many other reasons to just love Ryzen – but the simple reason you should get it is, you are not always going to be just a gamer. You will at some point want to stream or create content.

AMD makes this eminently possible.

If you want us to build you a Ryzen based PC, do reach out to us below.

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‘Overwatch’ is here to stay!

With summer holidays  setting in, everyone seems to be cheering their favorite cricket teams on IPL, and there are the faithful football EPL fans as well. In addition to these two sports, we now also have a growing following of sports like badminton, tennis, wrestling, kabaddi and more, which is wonderful in a formerly cricket obsessed country.However, did you know that there is another slowly but steadily growing sports following probably in a gaming cafe or PC very near you? Its called Overwatch League.

Overwatch, as Jake explains in the video, is a 6 person team shooter game, where you work with complementary sci-fi heroes to accomplish clear cut objectives. It involves a high level of mechanical skill with the mouse / keyboard, coordination with your team, strategy to make best use of the hero skills and maps.

To give you an idea of how good the story and the lore behind the game is, combined with Hollywood level production quality, have a look at this video. A story line similar to the ‘Incredibles’ and great game-play is what got me hooked in the first place, besides other friends of mine who had already started raving about the game in its first few weeks of launch.


Overwatch like many other e-sports doesn’t have a huge following in India. E-sports is still quite niche here owing to most people not taking gaming too seriously. Its still a casual activity / hobby at best. However, there is a strong following for games like DOTA [Defence of the ancients] and CS:Go [Counter Strike: Global Offensive], and its purely driven by the presence of good PC hardware. Thankfully, PC hardware has been getting more powerful so its much cheaper to afford PCs which can run these two games and Overwatch – EasyPC regularly builds PCs for entry level e-sports gamers. For Overwatch however, its recommended to get a more high end especially as smooth game-play is important if you want to be good at the game.

Globally, more than 35 million people play the game! Its astounding how popular this 2 year old game has become. Its generated more than $ 1 B in revenues. With professional Overwatch legue players earning at least 50,000$ a year, and a lot of serious sports club owners buying some franchises, the  game is here to stay [source :]. Of the teams, the most interesting ones to look out for are New York Excelsior, which is an all Korean team, and with the best win rate so far. Boston Uprising, Houston Outlaws, Seoul Dynasty, and others make up the team list for season one. It has been a resounding success so far with more than 100,000 viewers online on for any game.

Overwatch is also a game which can be picked up by literally anyone with a decent PC and peripherals, and a lot of time on hand. You have unlimited resources online to coach yourself and rise up the ranks in Competitive mode. Of course, its not recommended you get into serious gaming if you are already struggling with academics or if you need work life balance with physical exercise. Gaming can become an addiction if you let it, just like with a lot of other things.

We at EasyPC enjoy this game and highly recommend that you give it a shot if you already play games like CS / Dota / PUBG / Fortnite. Its quality of game-play is at another level compared to any of these games and has got a very active Overwatch India community. We meet up online and play ‘Pick up games’ with each other. This is the equivalent of playing basketball with players who turn up. The quality of these games vary, but there has been a great improvement lately with¬† super talented young folks steadily streaming in. We also have a number of highly ranked players from India, but not nearly enough to be in serious consideration for the Overwatch World Cup.

As an active Overwatch player and follower, I do hope to see more participation in India and would gladly support the growth with the best in PC hardware!

P.S : You can add me on Overwatch using by Blizzard Battle tag : Railmani#1894.

Also, to encourage participation, I can provide a spare account of mine to for your to try out the game!

– Railmani

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EasyPC is back again!

After a long break, EasyPC is back in business!

We were not very active for some time because I was working on building the digital marketing efforts at the largest playschool chain in India – KLAY schools. With that project out of the way, I intend to bring back EasyPC in a bigger and better format.

Stay tuned – We’ll be back with a spanking new website very soon!