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Hackintosh: Why you should get one if you are a MAC user

A hackintosh is a non-Apple machine with custom hardware which runs macOS. This essentially means you can have complete freedom over the hardware/components and have macOS running over it.

There are many reasons why you should go non-standard and get yourself a Hackintosh instead:

Complete customization of hardware: You have an absolute choice to choose your own hardware. Don’t like the case that comes with the Apple Mac? You can choose your own. Want a 12-core Ryzen processor? A bigger screen? You got it.

Better specifications than an Apple Mac for a fraction of the price: As we all know, Apple products do not offer the most competitively priced products and more than often they are priced absurdly high. You can build a high performing Mac at a significantly less price with the Hackintosh.

Full access to macOS exclusive software: Although your build is not a retail Apple Mac, you still get the legendary macOS which offers various productivity applications used by professionals.

Upgradability: You can always upgrade your custom build and add components as per your need in the future.

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Refresh rates explained: 60Hz vs 120Hz vs 240Hz. Does it matter in gaming?

You might have come across displays and monitors featuring a 90Hz display or a 120Hz display but what does it really mean? Refresh rate is the number of times your display updates per second. A 60Hz refresh rate means the display updates 60 times per second i.e it provides a true representation of the content that is displayed for up to 60fps framerate of the video.

For example, if you are gaming at 60fps, a 60Hz monitor will be able to display 1 frame per 1/60th of a second, but not anything beyond that. Suppose if you game at 120fps, the same monitor will be able to display only 2 frames per 1/60th of a second, thus losing out on minute details that are happening in a single frame. This leads to screen tearing as the monitor is not able to display every frame of the video. This can affect your gaming performance especially if you are a competitive gamer.

A 120Hz monitor, on the other hand will be able to display 1 frame per 1/120th of a second and for a 120fps video will be able to provide a smoother experience than a 60Hz monitor as it captures all the frames per second. If you are playing a competitive FPS game this will provide you with micro tracking of their movement with precision and gain you a visible advantage in gaming. A high refresh rate monitor is always essential if you are a professional video editor as well.

So, in reality, a better refresh rate will make your viewing experience much smoother.

You can watch the below video for better understanding:

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Mechanical Keyboards: Why you should buy one

There are two types of keyboards mainly used for computing: Membrane keyboards and Mechanical keyboards

The first ones are the most common and can be seen typically on standard desktop machines (due to the fact that they are cheap in terms of price) and have an average lifespan of about 5 million keystrokes per key. Although they do their job just fine, individual keys start wearing out very quickly and you may find the WASD keys not working properly especially if you’re a gamer. Different keys start wearing out at different times, and hence it will be difficult to work with them in a few years.

Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are equipped with individual mechanical switches for each key and have an incredible lifespan of 50 million keystrokes meaning they can easily survive 10 years of use and still function the same as when they were new. There is no case of keys being clattered or stuck.

Since the switches are mechanical, the keyboard is sturdy and provides a more stable and robust experience while typing.

There are many variants available for different needs: Cherry MX Black/Red for Gaming; Cherry MX Blue for typing enthusiasts and Cherry MX Brown for gaming/typing hybrid. The ones mentioned are the most popular ones but there are other switches by different manufacturers as well.

Mechanical keyboards have a significant higher cost than the common membrane keyboards but the price really pays off in the coming years and its an investment that’s worth every penny!

You can get a simple mechanical keyboard online for less than 2k as of now and I would say it’s totally worth the price.

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How to build a kickass Workstation PC

If you are a hardcore gamer or your work requires high computational power and storage then you can get yourself a workstation PC capable of performing outstanding on PC games as well as on any power hungry application (especially for video editing and computational research). A workstation can be called as an upgraded PC which delivers higher performance when compared to a desktop.

The first thing you want to do is understand your need, and then start looking for a build that matches your need. It is advisable to get a pre-built custom PC rather than assembling it yourself if you are not technologically and technically sound, as you might end up mishandling and damaging the product while also posing a health hazard for yourself.

Processor: AMD has recently made a comeback with their Ryzen and Threadripper processors and they deliver really well for their price. They surely won’t disappoint if you go ahead with them.

Storage: If you are an avid gamer or a video editing professional then simply go ahead with SSDs or NVMes as they are way faster than your normal hard-drive.

GPU: Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti is the top dog in the GPU market right now and you should consider buying it if you want the best performance.

Power supply: If you plan on overclocking your parts, consider getting a higher wattage PSU, else a 800W PSU would be sufficient.

Memory: A 32GB DDR4 memory will do just fine but a higher storage memory will be great for future proofing.

Motherboard: Look for more expansion slots and DIMM slots along with high quality components when looking for a motherboard as it will help if you want to upgrade your build in the future.

Case and cooling: A well ventilated case is recommended for superior heat dissipation while an AIO liquid cooling solution will keep the temperature down for the CPU and GPU.

Display: According to your needs, you can go for dual or even triple displays for higher resolution and better usability.

Keyboard and Mouse: Mechanical keyboards are great for long use and have a greater lifespan than normal keyboards, hence are a great choice for gaming as well as other purposes. You can choose your mouse as per your need, it can be simple or feature rich.

Furniture: A big, well heightened desk is recommended for clearing out any space limitations. There are a lot of gaming chairs in the market right now that provide supreme comfort from all the directions and are long lasting as well, definitely a good investment!

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Fight against the Coronavirus

It is a difficult time for all of us right now, please stay home and stay safe – it’s a team effort and that’s the best we can do right now.

Business will resume as soon as the lock down is lifted, with all the precautions of social distancing.

You can always help fight this battle by contributing your computing power towards COVID-19 study using [email protected], learn more about it from here: