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Hackintosh: Why you should get one if you are a MAC user

A hackintosh is a non-Apple machine with custom hardware which runs macOS. This essentially means you can have complete freedom over the hardware/components and have macOS running over it.

There are many reasons why you should go non-standard and get yourself a Hackintosh instead:

Complete customization of hardware: You have an absolute choice to choose your own hardware. Don’t like the case that comes with the Apple Mac? You can choose your own. Want a 12-core Ryzen processor? A bigger screen? You got it.

Better specifications than an Apple Mac for a fraction of the price: As we all know, Apple products do not offer the most competitively priced products and more than often they are priced absurdly high. You can build a high performing Mac at a significantly less price with the Hackintosh.

Full access to macOS exclusive software: Although your build is not a retail Apple Mac, you still get the legendary macOS which offers various productivity applications used by professionals.

Upgradability: You can always upgrade your custom build and add components as per your need in the future.

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