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How to build a kickass Workstation PC

If you are a hardcore gamer or your work requires high computational power and storage then you can get yourself a workstation PC capable of performing outstanding on PC games as well as on any power hungry application (especially for video editing and computational research). A workstation can be called as an upgraded PC which delivers higher performance when compared to a desktop.

The first thing you want to do is understand your need, and then start looking for a build that matches your need. It is advisable to get a pre-built custom PC rather than assembling it yourself if you are not technologically and technically sound, as you might end up mishandling and damaging the product while also posing a health hazard for yourself.

Processor: AMD has recently made a comeback with their Ryzen and Threadripper processors and they deliver really well for their price. They surely won’t disappoint if you go ahead with them.

Storage: If you are an avid gamer or a video editing professional then simply go ahead with SSDs or NVMes as they are way faster than your normal hard-drive.

GPU: Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti is the top dog in the GPU market right now and you should consider buying it if you want the best performance.

Power supply: If you plan on overclocking your parts, consider getting a higher wattage PSU, else a 800W PSU would be sufficient.

Memory: A 32GB DDR4 memory will do just fine but a higher storage memory will be great for future proofing.

Motherboard: Look for more expansion slots and DIMM slots along with high quality components when looking for a motherboard as it will help if you want to upgrade your build in the future.

Case and cooling: A well ventilated case is recommended for superior heat dissipation while an AIO liquid cooling solution will keep the temperature down for the CPU and GPU.

Display: According to your needs, you can go for dual or even triple displays for higher resolution and better usability.

Keyboard and Mouse: Mechanical keyboards are great for long use and have a greater lifespan than normal keyboards, hence are a great choice for gaming as well as other purposes. You can choose your mouse as per your need, it can be simple or feature rich.

Furniture: A big, well heightened desk is recommended for clearing out any space limitations. There are a lot of gaming chairs in the market right now that provide supreme comfort from all the directions and are long lasting as well, definitely a good investment!

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