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Mechanical Keyboards: Why you should buy one

There are two types of keyboards mainly used for computing: Membrane keyboards and Mechanical keyboards

The first ones are the most common and can be seen typically on standard desktop machines (due to the fact that they are cheap in terms of price) and have an average lifespan of about 5 million keystrokes per key. Although they do their job just fine, individual keys start wearing out very quickly and you may find the WASD keys not working properly especially if you’re a gamer. Different keys start wearing out at different times, and hence it will be difficult to work with them in a few years.

Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are equipped with individual mechanical switches for each key and have an incredible lifespan of 50 million keystrokes meaning they can easily survive 10 years of use and still function the same as when they were new. There is no case of keys being clattered or stuck.

Since the switches are mechanical, the keyboard is sturdy and provides a more stable and robust experience while typing.

There are many variants available for different needs: Cherry MX Black/Red for Gaming; Cherry MX Blue for typing enthusiasts and Cherry MX Brown for gaming/typing hybrid. The ones mentioned are the most popular ones but there are other switches by different manufacturers as well.

Mechanical keyboards have a significant higher cost than the common membrane keyboards but the price really pays off in the coming years and its an investment that’s worth every penny!

You can get a simple mechanical keyboard online for less than 2k as of now and I would say it’s totally worth the price.

2 thoughts on “Mechanical Keyboards: Why you should buy one

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