Ryzen-Hac Pro 9

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215,000.00 200,000.00


  • Processor : AMD Ryzen 9 3900x, 12 cores, 24 threads
  • Cooler: 240 mm ARGB AIO cooler / Noctua D15
  • Motherboard : X570 Tuf Gaming
  • RAM : 3200 MHz 2 x 16 GB RAM or 4×8 GB
  • Graphics Card : Radeon VII
  • Hard disk : 2 TB 7200 RPM
  • NVME M.2 SSD : 512 GB
  • Power supply : 1000W Gold
  • Cabinet : NZXT H500/ H510 or Equivalent (Images show NZXT H500 White)
  • Sleeved cables

The EasyPC  Hackintosh Pro(R) is a MacOS Mojave PC which uses an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – a 12 core, 24 thread processor, and to drive graphics, it employs a AMD Radeon VII. Its a no compromise Vanilla Hackintosh which should deliver the highest possible MacOS experience


The EasyPC  Hackintosh Pro 9 (R) is a MacOS Mojave PC which uses an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – a 12 core, 24 thread processor, and to drive graphics, it employs a AMD Radeon VII. Its a no compromise Vanilla Hackintosh which should deliver the highest possible MacOS experience when combined with a suitable display (ask us for recommendations). If you need a high quality 4k display for video editing, you can choose from the best monitors on the market from manufacturers like LG, Benq, Acer, Dell and others. This PC is perfect for Audio / Video editors who need a powerful MacOS based PC which will not cost them a mortgage or another loan to start using.

Why should you consider a Hackintosh from EasyPC over a shiny Mac?

  1. It won’t cost you a fortune: With this Hackintosh, you no longer have to spend a small fortune in getting your main productivity driver in place. That pending music project which has become increasingly difficult to get done with your aging Mac / Macbook, can finally see a new lease of life. Kicking off your new career in Audio production now doesn’t mean you have to blow half your savings on an expensive Mac.
  2. Its modular: You know how additional RAM seems to cost an arm and a leg? It shouldn’t. Your additional RAM and storage will come at regular prices and you won’t be punished for a higher end requirement.
  3. Its Customizable: You can choose the way your PC will look, feel and function covering the processor cooler, case, case fans and lighting (and also display, keyboard, mouse although they are not included here).

Overall, you will get better performance, better price, cheaper upgrades and a more personalized experience. Incredible value.


  • Processor : AMD Ryzen 9 3900x, 12 cores, 24 threads
  • Cooler: 240 mm ARGB AIO cooler / Noctua D15
  • Motherboard : X570 Tuf Gaming Plus
  • RAM : 3200 MHz 4 x 8 GB RAM / 2×16 GB 3000 MHz RAM
  • Graphics Card : Radeon VII
  • Hard disk : 2 TB 7200 RPM
  • NVME M.2 SSD : 512 GB
  • Power supply : 1000W Gold
  • Cabinet : NZXT H500/ H510 or Equivalent (Images show NZXT H500 White)
  • Sleeved Cable : Color choice provided

If you wish to get a PC with a different configuration, please let us know, we’ll be happy to build one for you!

P.S: If you are worried about spending on a high-end Hackintosh, we will we happy to answer any of your concerns, and also have you connect with another customer who can give you a much better perspective on how it works 🙂

Every EasyPC includes

  • Standard 1 year parts warranty on PC
  • Technical support for 3 years
  • Professional PC build with
    1. High quality Thermal paste
    2. Performance-tuning, Stress testing + Benchmark
    3. Flawless Cable Management
  • Operating System – MacOS Mojave
  • Optional benefits
    • Build your PC with us

P.S: Does not include a display!

250 reviews for Ryzen-Hac Pro 9

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