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Refresh rates explained: 60Hz vs 120Hz vs 240Hz. Does it matter in gaming?

You might have come across displays and monitors featuring a 90Hz display or a 120Hz display but what does it really mean? Refresh rate is the number of times your display updates per second. A 60Hz refresh rate means the display updates 60 times per second i.e it provides a true representation of the content that is displayed for up to 60fps framerate of the video.

For example, if you are gaming at 60fps, a 60Hz monitor will be able to display 1 frame per 1/60th of a second, but not anything beyond that. Suppose if you game at 120fps, the same monitor will be able to display only 2 frames per 1/60th of a second, thus losing out on minute details that are happening in a single frame. This leads to screen tearing as the monitor is not able to display every frame of the video. This can affect your gaming performance especially if you are a competitive gamer.

A 120Hz monitor, on the other hand will be able to display 1 frame per 1/120th of a second and for a 120fps video will be able to provide a smoother experience than a 60Hz monitor as it captures all the frames per second. If you are playing a competitive FPS game this will provide you with micro tracking of their movement with precision and gain you a visible advantage in gaming. A high refresh rate monitor is always essential if you are a professional video editor as well.

So, in reality, a better refresh rate will make your viewing experience much smoother.

You can watch the below video for better understanding:

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